Student Alumni Association

We are ASU's Spirit, Pride, and Tradition keepers!

To maintain and develop spirit while acquiring an appreciation for traditions, thereby fostering pride in and for Arizona State University.

Ever wondered who whitewashes the 'A?' Who leads the Lantern Walk? How did Oozeball originate? Look no further than SAA -- the Student Alumni Association! SAA is responsible for maintaining ASU traditions and keeping Sun Devil spirit alive!

Members of SAA actively promote campus pride through a number of special events held throughout the year. They do it all, from protecting the 'A' from our rivals to marching in the Homecoming parade each fall. SAA is all about ASU and is dedicated to instilling the spirit of the past into the students of today!

Do you bleed maroon and gold? Get involved!  Attend a planning meeting, check out an upcoming event and become a member of SAA, one of the largest and most fun student groups on campus!

Can’t get enough? Join us on Facebook! For even more information about SAA, please call 480-965-2586 or email

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