ASU Alumni Association

The ASU Alumni Association team provides services and programs to alumni, students and friends of ASU to foster lifelong connections to Arizona State University. 

  • Christine K. Wilkinson, President and CEO, ASU Alumni Association; Senior Vice President and Secretary of the University; Managing Director, Trustees of ASU, ’66 BAE, ’76 PHD
  • John Davis, Director, Operations and External Relations
  • Steve Tomaiko, Director of Finance, ’84 BS
  • Trish Thiele-Keating, Director, Chapter Relations, ’03 BA
  • Morgan Harrison, Director of Strategic Communications, ’12 BS
  • James Randall, Director of Student Engagement, '09 BA, '11 MED
  • Kristin Bean, Coordinator, Sr., ’84 BA
  • Jorge Arteaga, Art Director
  • Harrison Sharp, Digital Marketing Specialist ‘20 BS
  • Laurie Merrill, Marketing Copy Writer
  • Maria Symington, Executive Assistant, ’03 BA
  • Lauren Torska, Accountant Senior
  • Pete Acosta, Building and Events Manager
  • Maureen Ryan, Administrative Associate

To contact the ASU Alumni Association, please email alumni@asu.edu

ASU Alumni history

Alumni Success

The Alumni Success team works to serve ASU alumni, in collaboration with the ASU Enterprise, connecting you to relevant services and resources when you need them most. Whether you’re looking for additional learning opportunities, career assistance or professional development opportunities, wanting to upscale at your current company or interested in expanding your knowledge, we have the resources to help. Alumni Success is here to support you through life and career changes. Our care for Sun Devils goes on long after you graduate. We are committed to keeping you engaged with ASU for life, in ways most meaningful to you.

  • Andrew Carey, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement '95 BS

  • Jennifer Zhou, Manager, International Initiatives

  • Yammell Kim, Senior Program Coordinator '18 BS

To contact the Alumni Success team, please email alumni@asu.edu