Brian LaCorte ’85 B.S.

Tell us about your undergraduate experience at ASU and the organizations/activities you were involved with.

I had an amazing experience at ASU as an undergraduate student. I found the professors challenging and enlightening. The courses were interesting, the campus was alive, and the social scene was, of course, incredibly fun. I learned how to write in English composition courses, how to think in philosophy courses and how to use logic to solve problems in math and science courses. I learned about law, society and history in liberal arts courses. I learned how to develop leadership skills in student government and in the Leadership Scholarship Program.

I learned how the world works, the history of our great nation, and how to appreciate life. … I could not have hoped for a better college experience.


How did your ASU education lay the foundation for your current work or business?

Successful trial attorneys must find the ability to relate to everyday people. The professors at ASU taught me how to learn, and in turn, how to teach, how to explain, and how to persuade—whether to judges, jurors, or clients. Thirty years after my ASU graduation, I still use those skills each and every day.


Why did you become involved with the Alumni Association as a board member?

I had long admired the work of Christine K. Wilkinson with this organization. She was selected by ASU President Michael M. Crow to lead this organization and make a difference, and she has. I wanted to be part of that exciting work.

A few years ago, when I discussed the opportunity with Dr. Wilkinson, she challenged me to come back and make a difference at Arizona State. I couldn’t resist the chance to do so. I cannot imagine a more rewarding experience than helping guide ASU’s Alumni Association as chair of the Alumni Association’s board of directors during 2016-17.


What advice would you have for today’s ASU students?

Strike a balance of the curricular and extra-curricular during college – it will pay dividends for the rest of your life. The educational and campus living experiences are first rate at ASU, as is the enjoyment of the college social scene and the freedom of living away from home. Keep all of that in balance.

When your parents say appreciate college life because you'll never experience anything like that again, they are right. Get to know your professors, get involved in organizations, and find a cause that is meaningful. Embrace new subjects and consider all views of an issue.


What are three “can’t-miss” ASU experiences every Sun Devil should

participate in?

  1. Make sure you attend Fall Welcome events such as Whitewash the A and the club introductions/fairs, as well as all the festivities at Homecoming – including Lantern Walk, parade and the Homecoming game. Go early and explore everything!
  2. Also, enjoy the arts. Go to a concert or play at ASU Gammage and take advantage of the student discounts, or see what’s on display at the ASU Art Museum.
  3. Finally, pick a nice day and read a book (or e-book!) on a blanket on Old Main Lawn. 
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