Carlos Anaya '00 B.S.E.

Which groups or activities were you most involved in at ASU? What did you gain from that involvement?
I was a member of the ASU wrestling team, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MECHA), and the student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Newman Center Youth Group.

How did your education at ASU prepare you for your current job or business?
I graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. I am currently a test engineer for the U.S. Army Yuma (Ariz.) Proving Ground. My education and the overall experience I obtained at ASU provided the tools necessary to be successful in my job. Working in teams efficiently and solving problems are the two most important skills I learned while at ASU. At ASU, I also got the opportunity to meet and become friends with students from all over the world. Learning other country’s customs, foods, and religions has helped me better understand people I work with and my customers.

How did ASU help you achieve your dream?
One of my sociology professors at ASU once said during a class, “They can take your car, your house, or your bank account, but they can never take your education away.” Both my parents were migrant farm workers. During my childhood, my parents, along with my seven siblings and I, used to migrate between northern California and Somerton, Ariz. We lived six months out of year on each location. My parents did what they could to provide for us through hard labor. At an early age I learned that education was going to be the way that I could change my life and the lifestyle of my future family.
We take pride in calling ourselves a Sun Devil family. Three of my siblings have also graduated from ASU: my older brother is a civil engineer, my twin brother is also an electrical engineer (we work in the same place and car pool together), and my sister is a vice principal at a local elementary school. All four of us attended ASU at the same time.
The education I obtained at ASU gave me the opportunity to have my dream job, as a test engineer, and work for the U.S. Army and test equipment that our service members use to protect our country. I take great pride in that. My education also helped me provide a stable life for my family.

Tell us about your involvement with the ASU Alumni Association.
Currently, I serve as the president of Yuma’s El Diablito chapter. It was established by ASU graduates who have returned to work and live in the Yuma/Somerton/San Luis area. Our organization’s main goal is to assist local high school graduates who wish to continue their education at ASU by providing scholarships. We represent a variety of majors and professions and hope to serve as mentors to the recipients.
Throughout the year, we host various fundraisers to support our cause, including our signature event, the Summerton Tamale Festival, which will be held this year on Dec. 20. Now in its eighth year, the festival attracted almost 30,000 people in 2013.

What are three “can’t-miss” ASU experiences every Sun Devil should participate in?

  1. Take advantage of the diversity on campus and meet someone new every day.
  2. Get involved in the many opportunities ASU offers!
  3. Support ASU athletics. Attend a football game or go to a wrestling match (I had to include this one, as I am a former wrestler). ASU’s current wrestling coach, Zeke Jones, was an assistant coach when I wrestled at ASU. He is not only one of the best coaches in the nation but he is a genuinely great person. I am excited for the future of ASU wrestling!