Teniqua Broughton '00 B.I.S., '05 M.Ed

Which groups or activities were you most involved in at ASU?  What did you gain from that involvement?
I transferred to ASU as a junior from the University of Kentucky. I was a student-athlete, so most of my two years as an undergrad were spent running track and devoting myself to my academics. I know lot of my success as an adult has been because of my involvement in athletics. I learned to stand by commitments, be tenacious in pursuit of a goal, and multi-task.

How did your education at ASU prepare you for your career?
My master's program in educational administration and supervision gave me an understanding of the inner workings of school systems, including their language and culture, so that it's been easy for me to work with them. I don't work directly with schools in my current position as director of programs for Free Arts of Arizona; however, when I am approached by educators with a request, I am still able to figure out a win-win resolution.

What’s your favorite ASU memory?
When I took my first theater class at ASU. When I did my first acting scene for that class, it was a pivotal moment - I knew the arts were going to become part of my career. I already knew I liked working with children, but I hadn't discovered the other "piece" of my career before that.

Tell us about your involvement in the Arizona State Young Alumni group's Young Alumni Council.
I chose to be involved with the council because my student-athlete experiences were so rich - I was able to interact with people, resources, community organizations, etc., available through multiple sources. I wanted to be able to share some of the current connections I have with more typical student careers ... to let them know about the resources available to them through ASU.

What are the benefits of giving back to ASU through your volunteer efforts?
We all stand on each other's shoulders. I'm standing on the shoulders of the generation before me. I just know it's my responsibility and commitment to community.

What are the three "can't-miss" ASU experiences every Sun Devil should participate in?

  1. You must go to an ASU vs. UofA football game if you are a true Sun Devil!
  2. Attend the Sun Angel Classic, ASU's annual track and field competition. Some amazing Olympic-caliber athletes compete in this event.
  3. Catch a show at ASU Gammage - they're always super cool.
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