Golden Reunion

Golden Reunion

Class of 1966

Class of 1966 graduates interested in learning more about the 2016 Golden Reunion can fill out the interest form and update your contact information.

Golden Reunion Class of 1966 Hotel Partner

Graduate Tempe is a proud partner of Golden Reunion – Class of 1966. The hotel is offering a discount room rate of $99.00 plus tax per night of the reunion (check-in: Sunday May 8, 2016, check-out Wednesday May 11, 2016). The property is located across the street from Arizona State University campus and within minutes of Mill Avenue. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, free airport shuttle and free shuttle to and from ASU and/or within a 3-mile radius, and an outdoor heated swimming pool. Overnight parking rate is $6. To book your reservation and secure the discount rate, go to and use promo code: “golden” or call please call (480) 967-9431 and request the ASU Alumni event. All reservations must be made by May 1, 2016. 


Class of 1965 Reunion: A look back

The ASU Alumni Association invited the Class of 1965 to return to their alma mater for Golden Reunion on May 11 and 12, 2015. At this special two-day event, classmates from the university's 50-year reunion class and guests reconnected with each other and ASU, as well as enjoyed a special opportunity to join in the procession during the University's Spring Commencement.

This two-day event was filled with special programs including tours of ASU facilities, lectures, guest speakers and University Commencement. A major highlight was the Golden Circle Induction Ceremony, a candlelight ceremony in which the graduates of the class of 1965 were inducted into the Golden Circle, an honorary group comprised of all classes who have celebrated their 50th reunion.

Click here to view a video of the Class of 1965 reunion event.

Click here to view pictures from this special two-day event.

Be sure to also check out this video honoring the class of 1965, including legendary baseball coach Bobby Winkles.

Quotes from the Class of 1965

Martha Wolfe Jacobson, ‘65
“At Golden Reunion I enjoyed seeing people that I kind of remember on campus and over the two days it has been interesting to learn what everyone has done with their lives. It’s just been fun being part of ASU again. I am so glad I made the commitment to attend!
Alums attending will be impressed by the magnitude of what ASU has turned into – the expanse of new buildings, programs – everything was awe-inspiring. To be honored and recognized as the Class of 1965 at commencement was a memorable experience!”

Dr. Karla Elling ‘65
ASU has always been my window to the world.  Our 2015 Golden Reunion gave me new insight into this idea.  My undergraduate dreams are now possible at the university: I wanted to cross college fences in order to become an artist/scholar/scientist--a "Renaissance" woman; however, strict disciplinary divisions did not allow it. Our 50th Reunion alumni events brought a new ASU into focus, demonstrating for us its multifaceted philosophy of education.

Ted Davis, ‘65
I got to meet the guys I went to class with, some of the professors who came and the event itself was special. My friend Jim Chilton recommended that I attend this event. He said that they [ASU Alumni Association] treat you like a king – and they do! So, if you are in the Class of 1966 – be sure to show up!”

Harry D. Jones ’65, ’70, ‘72
The Golden Reunion of the Sun Devil class of '65 was professional, well planned,and a great mix of the "old and the new".  Being honored at 50 years by University President Crow and Alumni President Wilkinson and the Alumni host staff that was young, enthusiastic, and most helpful was very rewarding and special.  The old facilities and the new, and the old classmates and the new graduates were a tremendous contrast that well illustrates the continuing and now more rapid progress of our trendsetting "New American University."  

Judy Hamer Braecklein ’65 - First Vice President of ASASU and Speaker of the Student Senator
The  ASU Alumni Organization, its Staff and Volunteers and all other ASU folks who joined them did such a splendid job that you felt as if you were being especially honored it was so personal.
The Reception and meals and other gatherings of the group provides you with the time to see and reminisce with your long lost classmates, dorm mates and sleeping porch buddies about all the great fun you had together.  A time to jump around and get excited like teenagers and to re-connect with e-mail addresses and what have you.
Don't miss the opportunity to attend your Golden Reunion particularly if you graduated in the '60's.  You will simply be amazed at the growth of the Campus and the national and international esteem ASU has achieved.  It is mind-boggling.  

Russ Brown ’65 – President of Delta Sigma Pi, International Business Fraternity, Fall of 1964
The two-day experience for the class of 1965 exceeded all expectations.  The Alumni Association and the individual colleges did an outstanding job in telling us what amazing things are happening in education at ASU, honoring what was accomplished in 1965, and providing an excellent mixture of speakers.  Our classmates were given a short time to tell their life story since graduation – and there are many success stories.  That said, the highlights of the two days were the (1) robing and capping of our class and sitting them on the rows in front of the 12,000 undergraduates receiving degrees in a full Sun Devil Stadium and receiving the recognition by the President and Board of Trustees and (2) receiving our 50-year diploma and pin in a special Tuesday candlelight ceremony at Old Main.  We especially enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the Class of 2015 as they embark on their careers as we did 50 years ago.  It was truly a better experience than the one we had in 1965.

Don Nelson, ‘65
“The entire class just had a ball – such a great time. When I heard about the reunion – I got really excited. I had not been back to ASU in a long time and this occasion was amazing. I particularly enjoyed commencement where we got to sit up front. This is such a great university – I am so glad I could come back.”

Christine K. Wilkinson, ’66 ’76 PhD.
President, ASU Alumni Association
“People who come back for Golden Reunion just love it. I think they are surprised by the major advancements at this University, to see how much ASU has matured. However, I think what they like most is seeing each other, rekindling old friendships and expressing all the memories they had together.
I can’t believe next will be the Class of 2016 - this will be my Golden Reunion class. I am hoping that hundreds of my classmates come back for it and that we’ll all get a chance, like I said before, to join others, share memories and be a part of our alma mater!”