Scholarships and funds

Scholarships and funds

ASU Alumni is committed to providing opportunities to support current and future Sun Devils. You can help transform the lives of deserving students and make attending ASU financially attainable through our ASU Alumni Scholarship programs.


Traditions Fund

The ASU Alumni Traditions Fund ensures that Sun Devils past, present and future enjoy and build on the rich traditions established at ASU since its creation in 1885. 
From painting the 'A' white during the Echo from the Buttes event to the annual homecoming parade and attending festivities, and from the Lantern Walk to “Stomp the Bus,” Sun Devil traditions help define the unique personality and die-hard enthusiasm of the Maroon and Gold. 

Ensure the time-honored traditions surrounding Sun Devil events and activities — homecoming, collegiate sports, commencement, “A” Mountain and more. Become a Traditions Fund donor today and Fork ‘em, Devil!

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Legacy Scholarship

Here’s an opportunity to keep the Sun Devil ball rolling through your support of the ASU Alumni Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship is exclusive to Sun Devil alumni families, designed to keep it all in the family by continuing the tradition of Sun Devils graduating Sun Devils. 

Your legacy begins and continues here with the ASU Alumni Legacy Scholarship. The Legacy Scholarship is exclusively available to Sun Devil families for the next generation of Sun Devils. Your support provides the promise of a better future through the promise of a transformative higher education experience for future Sun Devils. 

Help continue the tradition for future Sun Devils by donating to the Legacy Scholarship fund today.

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Are you a prospective, current or transfer student ready to apply for the Legacy Scholarship? 


Young student with parents

The pride of an ASU Legacy scholar

“I am incredibly honored and proud to be an ASU Legacy scholar. This scholarship is helping me graduate to become a teacher and make an impact in my community! My family bleeds maroon and gold, and I’m excited to be carrying on the tradition and pride of what it means to be a Sun Devil.”

- Jenna Brooks, ASU Legacy scholar 


Medallion Scholarship program

The ASU Alumni Medallion Scholarship program is a signature multifaceted initiative that incorporates components of leadership, scholarship and service. Your support of this innovative program reflects the role you play in the advancement of the next generation of Sun Devil leaders, students who will become master learners and changemakers focused on shaping a better tomorrow.
Financial support for the Medallion Scholarship comes from generous donors like you and from a portion of the fees received from the collegiate ASU pitchfork license plate sales. Make your mark on the future, become a Medallion Scholarship patron today.

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Are you an ASU Dean’s Scholar ready to apply for the Medallion Scholarship?


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The Medallion scholar connection

"Being a Medallion scholar allowed me to engage with ASU in ways I don't think I would have otherwise. Whitewashing the "A," going on turnaround trips to cheer on ASU football and guarding the mountain during Rivalry Week were all amazing experiences that connected me to the university and made me proud to be a Sun Devil. Having the support from the alumni association made it really easy to be excited about being a part of the ASU family."

- Kelsey Files, ASU Medallion scholar 


Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Thanks to our national alumni chapters and groups, each year a deserving student in an ASU Alumni chapter community receives an ASU Alumni Chapter Scholarship. Your donation will help benefit future Sun Devils living in and around chapter cities across the nation. Help to continue the ASU Alumni Chapter Scholarship by donating to a local chapter.


Graduate flashing pitchfork

Scholarship. Network. Impact.

“The ASU White Mountain Alumni Chapter Scholarship not only eased some of the financial pressures from school, but it introduced me to a network of ASU alumni that have had such a positive impact on my life. I cannot think of a better way to give back to the community that believed in me and helped me pursue my educational goals, than to help other students achieve the same."

- Domonique Farr, '14 BS, White Mountain Alumni Chapter scholarship recipient