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Sun Devil 100 - Class of 2021

Sun Devil 100

Class of 2021

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Rank number Company Name Degree Title
1 Pocket Your Dollars Anthony Sarandrea 13 BS management President, partner, managing partner, owner, founder, co-founder, CEO
2 Lever1 and Lever2 Erica Brune 98 BA theatre President, co-founder
3 B & B Pet Products LLC Greg McMillan 85 BS finance Owner, founder
4 Freestar David Freedman 05 BS real estate Founder
5 Casa Unlimited Enterprises Inc. Joya Kizer 04 BS zoology President, CEO
6 PC Sportscards Joshua Cohen 05 BA business administration, small business sales and marketing Partner, owner
7 High Rock Accounting PLLC Liz Mason 10 MS information management Founder, CEO
7 High Rock Accounting PLLC Melissa Diaz 10 Master of Accountancy CFO
8 SLP Toolkit LLC Lisa Kathman 97 MS communication disorders Co-founder
8 SLP Toolkit LLC Sarah Bevier 05 BS speech and hearing, 12 MS in communication disorders Co-founder
9 Willmeng Construction Michael J. Mongelli 83 BS construction President
9 Willmeng Construction Keyvan Ghahreman 02 MS construction management Director of client and preconstruction services
9 Willmeng Construction James P. Murphy 98 BS construction, 09 MS construction CEO
10 Ybarra Maldonado Law Group Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado 02 BA religious studies Owner
10 Ybarra Maldonado Law Group Angeles J. Maldonado 02 BS justice studies, 05 MPA, 13 PhD education leadership and policy studies CEO
11 Innovative Discovery Holdings LLC Kimothy Taylor 08 BLS liberal studies, 13 MBA CEO
11 Innovative Discovery Holdings LLC Jamie Neilon 13 MBA Vice president of information technology
12 ADM Group Inc. Ben Barcon 76 BS construction management Principal
13 Design Pickle LLC Russ Perry 05 industrial design and human communications Founder, CEO
14 SwitchThink Solutions, a subsidiary of Desert Financial Credit Union Wayne Oleksak 94 MBA Vice president, member experience and innovation
15 Hint Inc. Kara Goldin 89 BA communication Founder, CEO
16 Muscular Moving Men LLC (M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics LLC) Justin Hodge 06 BA journalism and mass communication President, co-founder
17 Press Coffee Jason Kyle 94 BS marketing Co-owner
18 Total Care Connections Danielle Stringer 09 BS nursing, 10 MS nursing (pediatric NP) Director of nursing
19 Fyresite Jason Turnquist 09 BIS interdisciplinary arts and sciences, informatics Co-founder, CEO
20 360 Industrial Services Eric Ganz 03 BA communication Managing partner, co-founder
21 Gadzooks Enchiladas and Soup Aaron Pool 09 BS management Owner
22 FOR Energy Sean McGraw 11 BS sustainability Founder, CEO
23 Amerisource HR Consulting Group LLC Camille Eccles French 94 BS business management Founder, CEO
24 DermaplanePro Inc. Rikki Kusy 00 BAE education Founder, CEO
25 SeaBay Building Group LLC Vince Switzer 04 BS supply chain management, 07 MBA Co-founder, CEO
25 SeaBay Building Group LLC J. Armando Martinez 05 BS construction management COO
26 Pilot Freight Services Kyle Reardon 04 BS finance, 04 BS management, 07 MBA Franchise CFO
27 Skin Script Skin Care Lisa VanBockern 98 BS accountancy, computer information systems Owner
28 Evolve Public Relations & Marketing Jennifer Kaplan 96 BA communication Owner, founder
29 Wilson Engineers LLC Stephen Todd 90 BS chemical engineering Principal
29 Wilson Engineers LLC Philip Noonan IV 96 BSE civil engineering Principal
29 Wilson Engineers LLC Michael Johnson Jr. 93 BSE civil engineering, 95 MSE civil engineering Principal
29 Wilson Engineers LLC Uday Gandhe 01 MBA Principal
30 Fit Body Boot Camp Benjamin Jones 11 dietetics nutrition Owner
31 A.R. Mays Construction Inc. Brian Reed 98 BS construction Vice president preconstruction
31 A.R. Mays Construction Inc. Adam R. Mays 83 BS construction engineering President
32 The Coaches Group LLC Johnathan Chase Williams 11 BA political science Co-founder
33 Adopt Technologies LLC Brett Helgeson 02 MBA President, managing partner, CEO
33 Adopt Technologies LLC Ryan Treisman 10 BA sustainability, 18 MS global technology and development Partner, CTO
34 Louis A. Silverman PC Louis A. Silverman 75 BS business and real estate Owner
35 Thorpe Shwer PC Brad Shwer 03 JD Co-founding partner
36 Small Giants LLC Jennifer Glitsos 10 BSD architectural studies Director of operations
36 Small Giants LLC Danielle Feroleto 94 BA journalism, 98 Master of Mass Communication President, owner
36 Small Giants LLC Jana Berrelleza 07 BSD graphic design Art director
37 The Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate LLC Tanner Milne 07 MBA President
38 Sundt Construction Inc. Ryan Abbott 01 BS construction, 08 MBA Senior vice president
39 E & G Real Estate Services Ben Ellis 08 BA communication Designated broker, owner
40 Chasse Building Team Inc. Barry Chasse 91 BS construction (general building construction) President, founder
41 Point in Time Studios Rami Kalla 99 BS business, 99 BA Spanish President
42 True Story Films LLC Cary Truelick 93 BA broadcasting Director, executive producer
43 Christophel & Hagan Ltd Samantha Hagan 93 BS accounting Partner, CPA
44 DGM Ventures Inc. Greg McMillan 85 BS finance Owner, founder
45 Pinnacle Growth Advisors Brent Orsuga 00 BIS communication and business President, founder
46 Shayne R. Neuwirth CPA PLLC Joanna M. Yergler 07 BS marketing Director of tax
47 Duffy Group Inc. Kathleen Duffy 81 BA communication President, CEO
48 SparkPoint Studio LLC Crystal Lee Patriarche 98 BA journalism CEO
49 Lee & Associates Arizona Commercial Real Estate Services Co. R. Craig Coppola 92 MBA Founding principal
50 A New Leaf Michael T. Hughes 75 BA education President, CEO
51 BackFit Health + Spine Radi Rahiminejad 96 BS psychology President, CEO
52 Colling Media LLC Brian Colling 05 BIS interdisciplinary studies Owner, CEO
53 Tiempo Acquisition Corporation (dba Tiempo Inc.) Cliff Schertz 03 MBA President, founder, CEO
54 Brooks Winery Janie Brooks Heuck 89 BS accounting Managing director
55 S.E.E.K. Arizona LLC Jessica Irwin 03 BA psychology, 03 BA sociology, 11 MEd curriculum and instruction Founder, CEO
55 S.E.E.K. Arizona LLC Jessie Gillam 00 BS psychology Chief clinical officer
56 Fort Lowell Realty Inc. Bob Collopy 14 BS marketing Associate broker, owner
57 Bushtex Inc. Adelaida Velasco Severson 95 MMC, 06 PhD public administration President, CEO
58 Tyler Allen Law Firm PLLC Tyler Allen 09 JD Owner
59 Bumble Bee Air Conditioning Inc. Lisa Bayne 88 BA political science Owner
60 Jack Wight 15 BS marketing CEO
61 World Motors Tyler Thompson 02 BA communication Owner
62 Colliers International Bob Mulhern 81 BS business, 83 MBA Senior managing director in Greater Phoenix
63 Venezias NY Style Pizzeria Domenick Montanile 98 BS purchasing/logistics management President, owner
64 Apex Appraisal Service Greg Bernstein 06 BS marketing, 09 MBA COO
65 U and Improved Jodi Low 94 BA communication Founder, CEO
66 Landings Credit Union Brian Lee 07 BS accountancy President, CEO
67 Dircks Moving & Logistics Rick Dircks 82 BS marketing Executive vice president
67 Dircks Moving & Logistics Chip Dircks 80 BS management President
68 Company Nurse LLC Paul Binsfeld 87 BS finance President, founder
69 Phoenix Internet (dba Gutierrez-Palmenberg Inc.) Gilbert Gutierrez 96 BS chemical engineering Vice president, owner
69 Phoenix Internet (dba Gutierrez-Palmenberg Inc.) Andrew Gutierrez 11 BS economics President, CEO
70 The Feldman Agency Wendy Feldman, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CLTC 84 MA organizational communication Financial advisor, owner
71 Knife & Fork Media Group Susie Timm 00 BA political science Owner, founder
72 The Deneau Law Firm PLLC Kindra Deneau 00 BA psychology, 05 JD Founding attorney
73 DeLille Cellars LLC Jay A. Soloff 73 BA education (political science) President, co-founder
74 Navigate AJ Maestas 05 MBA marketing Founder
75 Child Crisis Arizona Torrie A. Taj 91 BS psychology CEO
76 August United Jackie Crynes 12 BS marketing Managing director, chief strategy officer
77 Tallwave LLC Jeffrey Pruitt 94 BS accountancy CEO, founder
78 Going GreenHouse LLC Emily Rowe 16 BFA art (ceramics) Director of human resources
78 Going GreenHouse LLC April Prothero 06 BS finance Founder, CEO
79 Circle Design Studio LLC Theresa Dorlini 01 BS design Principal interior designer, creative director
79 Circle Design Studio LLC John Dorlini 04 MArch architecture Principal architect
80 Asquared Studios (A2 Studios Inc.) Jessie Whitesides 95 BSD architectural studies Principal architect, co-founder
80 Asquared Studios (A2 Studios Inc.) Tony Garcia 95 BSD architectural studies Principal architect, co-founder
81 StatBroadcast Nathan Policar 06 BS computer information systems, 09 MBA President, managing partner, founder
82 Fan Interactive Marketing Joel McFadden 06 MBA COO
83 TTI Success Insights Inc. Rick Bowers 92 BS marketing President
84 Benefits by Design Inc. Kristine Kassel 91 BS family resources and human development President
85 Print.Save.Repeat. Christopher Van Egmond 11 BS marketing Marketing and systems
85 Print.Save.Repeat. Jesse Berry 07 BS computer information systems CIO
85 Print.Save.Repeat. Errol Berry 02 BS supply chain management CEO
85 Print. Save. Repeat. Klint McInturff 10 BS marketing Vice president of marketing
86 Catholic Charities Community Services Inc. James Robbins 78 BSE industrial engineering, 83 MBA Chief administrative officer
86 Catholic Charities Community Services Inc. Paul S. Mulligan 15 MBA executive President, CEO
86 Catholic Charities Community Services Inc. CarrieLynn A. Mascaro 97 BS psychology Vice president of central program operations
86 Catholic Charities Community Services Inc. Stephen E. Capobres 84 BS quantitative business analysis, 91 MPA Vice president of business development
86 Catholic Charities Community Services Inc. Catherine A. Brummet-Peterson 85 MSW social work Executive director of Northern Arizona
87 Petti and Briones PLLC Frederick R. Petti 83 BS history Partner
87 Petti and Briones PLLC Patricia Lane Briones 88 BS finance Partner
88 ICAN Shelby Pedersen 08 MPA CEO
89 Adsport Inc. Gary Knudson 03 BA communication Founder, CEO
90 Steve LeVine Entertainment LLC Steve LeVine 99 BIS interdisciplinary Co-owner
90 Steve LeVine Entertainment LLC Jamie LeVine 01 BS communication Co-owner
91 LeVangie Law Group (LeVangie Long Loorz & Malone) Jeffery Long 97 BS political science Managing partner
92 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona Jessica Whitney 04 BA communication Vice president
92 Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Arizona Laura Capello 97 BA journalism President, CEO
93 Technical Solutions Prescott Smith 06 BS marketing, 12 MBA Vice president
93 Technical Solutions Susan Bitter Smith 77 BS business administration, 82 MBA President
94 Aspen Communications LLC (dba Aspen Engineering & Construction) Sheila Kano Richardson 74 BA secondary education (history) Executive vice president, CFO
95 Delkin Devices Inc. Martin Wood 85 BS marketing President, founder, CEO
96 PXL Bros LLC Matthew Michalowski 09 BS finance President, founder
97 Dayo Inc. (KOI Education) Angel Jannasch-Pennell 91 BS sociology, 94 MA special education, 96 PhD curriculum and instruction (special education) President, CEO
97 Dayo Inc. (KOI Education) Daniel Gulchak 08 PhD curriculum and instruction (special education) Vice president, education and research
97 Dayo Inc. (KOI Education) Yadira Flores 04 MEd educational psychology Chief academic officer
98 Optima Consulting LLC Shaney Salomon 14 BIS interdisciplinary studies, human and family development and small business CEO
99 Integrated Accounting Services LLC Michael Warren 87 BS finance President, owner
100 Tabar Meeting Production Management Inc. Bartholomew F. Alazio 07 BIS interdisciplinary studies Vice president, owner