Fast Company and ASU partnered in August 2019 to bring some of the world's most innovative visionaries together with California alumni for a day of thought-provoking live storytelling. The response was overwhelming and now we’re bringing the innovation learning resources directly to you.



We’re sharing videos and articles from the FastCompany event and from across ASU:

  • Insights from forward-thinking leaders in business, technology and culture
  • How to incorporate innovation into your daily life
  • Tips and tricks from our world-renowned faculty
  • Continuing education courses that put you in control of your next step









Learn and grow

Discover a wide range of professional development courses designed to build your skill set and expand your opportunities. Browse the featured continuing professional education courses below, or browse all available courses offered by ASU.


Modern learning

Modern Leadership

You don't have to be a boss to be a leader, and this course will show you why.

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Planning and Managing Your Career

The time to start planning for the future and managing your career is now.

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7 p's

7 P’s of Marketing

Learn these pillars of marketing strategy and business success.

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Making Formal Presentations

Develop this critical success factor for growing in your organization.

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Business Management Essentials

Earn a certificate as you learn marketable core business skills.

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Team building

Team Building and Development

Grow and develop your group to work together cohesively and successfully.

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Stories of innovation

Explore innovation across many industries and communities, and how innovators like you are changing the world.

ASU innovators


Innovation and success


Celebrating innovators like you

Join us in celebrating the alumni, students, staff, faculty and researchers who make it possible for ASU to be ranked No.1 innovation for the fifth straight year.

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