ASU Admissions Ambassadors

Help recruit a winning team for ASU!
Arizona State University enjoys a strong tradition of academic excellence. Alumni volunteers help maintain that tradition by encouraging academically talented students to apply and enroll at Arizona State University.

Speaking with Sun Devil graduates puts a face on Arizona State University for prospective students. Your perspective makes the university a real place for them -- one that they’ll want to experience firsthand.

As an Admissions Ambassador, you’ll provide the interaction, personal attention and encouragement that can make the difference between a student choosing ASU or another school. Alumni are the university’s most ardent supporters, and they are the heart of this program.

Share your Sun Devil pride and join the Admissions Ambassadors program today!

Program Goals 

The ASU Admissions Ambassador program has the following goals:

  • Increase the number of highly competitive and qualified students considering ASU at the undergraduate level, and to increase the percentage of admitted students who enroll.
  • Provide a local source of information for prospective and enrolled students and their families.
  • Provide the alumni perspective for potential ASU students.
  • Provide national assistance to the Alumni Association and university admissions staff.
  • To provide an opportunity for ASU alumni to partner with the university in meeting its recruiting and admissions goals.
  • Drive the ASU brand and position ASU as an exciting "university of choice."
  • Drive ASU as a competitive force.

Everyone Wins
When you participate as an ASU admissions ambassador, everyone wins.

  • ASU grows an increasingly talented student body, filled with new scholars ready to learn.
  • You pass on your Sun Devil pride, and utilize your ASU experiences to further a student’s educational progress.
  • You provide the parents of prospective students a unique perspective of the institution their child will attend.
  • You will have opportunities to network and volunteer with fellow ASU graduates, increasing your circle of contacts.

Next Steps

If you have additional questions related to the Admissions Ambassador program, please send us an email.