• World War II battle site in Normandy

    World War II battle site in Normandy

  • Normandy American Cemetery

    Normandy American Cemetery

  • Omaha Beach, Normandy

    Omaha Beach, Normandy


  • From rolling, green hills to the beautiful sea, discover the essence of Normandy as well as its pivotal role in history. 
  • On this seven-night journey, experience classic Norman culture. Explore Mont-Saint- Michel, where a medieval monastery seemingly rises out of the sea, and see the Bayeux Tapestry, the embroidered story of William the Conqueror’s Battle of Hastings victory. 
  • Taste Normandy’s contributions to French cuisine, and sip Calvados, the region’s celebrated cider brandy, in an apple orchard.
  • And as the world marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, spend two full days visiting Omaha and Utah beaches, Normandy American Cemetery and other sites associated with this crucial World War II battle, plus gain insights during engaging lectures. 
  • Enjoy first-class accommodations in Deauville and an extensive meal plan, featuring wine with dinner, on this small-group program. 
  • There is no supplement for solo travelers.

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