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  • This incredible eight-day journey introduces you to the unique Galápagos Islands, a nature lover’s dream destination and UNESCO World Heritage site, with a four-night cruise aboard the first-class, small ship SANTA CRUZ II, the best expedition-style ship in the Galápagos.
  • This exploration vessel is fully equipped to make your Galápagos experience remarkable, from a fleet of Zodiacs and a glass-bottom boat to certified onboard naturalists and complimentary snorkeling gear.
  • Visit six islands, each with their own ecosystem, to observe the exotic birds, animals and plants that inspired Charles Darwin, including species unknown anywhere else in the world.
  • With few natural predators on the islands, the wildlife is receptive to up-close human interaction.
  • Snorkel alongside tropical penguins and playful sea lions, and almost touch spiny-backed iguanas.
  • On mainland Ecuador, enjoy three nights in Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage site, tour architectural treasures and stand with one foot in either hemisphere at the Equator.
  • The six-night Post-Program Option features Machu Picchu, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Lima.
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