• Barcelona
  • Barcelona
  • Iberian Immersion ASU Tour Map
  • Traverse the Western Mediterranean across the Spanish, Italian, and French Rivieras on this ten-night journey with Oceania Cruises.
  • Embark in glamorous Monte Carlo and set sail for bustling seaport of Toulon, with easy access to the charismatic hilltop villages and picturesque countryside of Provence.
  • Then sail down the coast of Spain. See Gaudí’s imaginative architecture and feast your senses at La Boqueria market in Barcelona.
  • Enjoy Concepción Castle’s hilltop views and visit the Roman Theater—dating from the first century BC—in legendary Cartagena.
  • Refuel at the lively tapas bars and take in the large collection of unusual modernisme architecture in Melilla, Spain’s outpost on Africa’s northern shores.
  • And, in the lively port of Alicante, catch views of the parks and waterfront boulevard from the high towers of Santa Bárbara Castle.
  • Sail across the sea to Malta, where Valletta boasts one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.
  • And cruise to Catania for a visit to upmarket boutiques and bistros in Sicily’s youthful university town.
  • Before you bid farewell to Riviera in Rome, cruise to Naples for a taste of mouthwatering Southern Italian cuisine and access to the storied ruins of Pompeii.
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