• The Colosseum
  • Relics and Retreats Maps
  • Begin your journey in Barcelona, a melting pot of Roman, Greek, Moorish, and Catalan influences.
  • Spend a day at sea aboard the luxurious Riviera before stopping at Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with history, culture, and old-world beauty.
  • Next, travel to Argostoli and discover the old town square and Koutavos Lagoon. In Kotor, wander the narrow streets and take in the Venetian architecture and twelfth-century St. Tryphon Cathedral.
  • Dubrovnik, the next stop, is an ancient walled city on the Dalmatian coast that retains its centuries-long allure. Stroll its pedestrian-only Old Town or stop into a snug café.
  • Spend two days in Venice, Italy - the timeless city of piazzas and trattorias.
  • Enjoy its world-class cuisine and charming old shops. Cruise to Corfu and relax along the idyllic coastline before sailing to Messina to see the Piazza del Duomo, which features the world’s largest astronomical clock and the Messina Cathedral.
  • Your trip will conclude in Rome, but before that, travel to Sorrento and visit the haunting ruins of Pompeii or view the Roman ruins and Punta del Capo.
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