Sun Devil Giving Day

Giving Day

The growing ASU Alumni Association is committed to providing opportunities for current and future Sun Devils to feel supported.

You can help transform the lives of deserving students and make attending ASU financially attainable through our ASU Alumni Scholarship programs.

 ASU Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Many ASU graduates can trace their Sun Devil history through generations of family, and there are others who are on the path today to making an ASU education their own family tradition. The ASU Alumni Legacy Scholarship encourages a Sun Devil family tradition of attending Arizona State University. Help us continue the tradition for future Sun Devils by donating to the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

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ASU Alumni Network Scholarship

Thanks to our national ASU alumni chapters and groups, a deserving student from each is selected annually to receive an ASU Alumni Network Scholarship. Your donation to this scholarship fund benefits future Sun Devils living in our chapter communities. Generous donors make the difference: supporting students from all across the nation to attend ASU. Help to continue the ASU Alumni Network Scholarship by donating to a local chapter.

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ASU Alumni Medallion Scholarship

The ASU Alumni Medallion Scholarship program is a signature scholarship initiative that incorporates components of leadership, scholarship and service. With a focus on increasing college graduation rates in the state, the Medallion Scholarship program targets high-achieving Arizona honors students. Financial support for the Medallion Scholarship comes from generous donors and a portion of the fees paid by drivers ordering specialty ASU license plates.

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