Medallion Scholarship Program


The Medallion Scholarship Program is the ASU Alumni Association’s signature scholarship initiative. The Medallion Scholarship is more than a financial award; it is a comprehensive scholarship program that incorporates components of leadership, scholarship, and service.

Medallion Scholars receive four-year, renewable scholarships of $3,500 annually, provided they actively participate in program meetings and events, contribute volunteer hours to the community, maintain a satisfactory grade point average, and remain in good standing as an ASU undergraduate.

Eligibility is limited to recipients of ASU's Dean's Scholarship, which is awarded to Arizona high school seniors based on academic performance. Medallion Scholars must demonstrate leadership, community service, and extracurricular involvement. Recipients are chosen by the Alumni Association's Medallion Scholarship Committee.

Reconstituted in 2005, the Medallion Scholarship Program was born out of the Alumni Association’s previous Medallion of Merit Scholarship. The original scholarship program traces its beginnings to the 1960s and provided merit-based financial assistance to thousands of students from across the state. Over ninety percent of Medallion Scholars have gone on to graduate from the university.

Financial support for the Alumni Association’s signature scholarship comes from individual donations and from a portion of license plate fees paid to the state of Arizona. Vehicle owners with a "Sparky" plate – ASU's collegiate license plate issued by the state Motor Vehicle Division – pay $25 annually for their plates. The Alumni Association receives $17 to support the Medallion Scholarship Program.

More than 100 students receive the scholarship. During the current academic year, Medallion scholars received $300,000 in financial support and $15,000 in program support.

About the ASU Collegiate Plate, or Sparky Plate

The ASU collegiate license plate program, also known as the Sparky plate, was created when Arizona Gov. Rose Mofford signed legislation in June 1988 creating a collegiate license plate program for Arizona's three state universities. The ASU Alumni Association began selling the plates in 1989.

The program has grown over the years and there are now more than 18,000 Sparky plates on Arizona vehicles! The ASU plate benefits the ASU Alumni Association's Medallion Scholarship Program, a comprehensive scholarship program that incorporates components of leadership, scholarship and service.

Applications for the Medallion Scholarship Program

If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Doug Owczarczak at 480.965.4078 or

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Buy a Sparky Plate

If you live in Arizona, you can support Medallion Scholarship recipients by purchasing an ASU collegiate ("Sparky") plate. It also shows your Sun Devil pride wherever you go!

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