Grad Advice

New grads face a challenging, complex, amazing, and ever-changing world. Find out what these Sun Devils have to share with new ASU alumni!

Career Preparation & Enhancement

Enjoy your achievement and be proud of the great institution of which you were a part!

- Herbert Robertson, Class of '62

Contact ASU Career Services for jobs and join professional, civic or charitable groups. Continue learning throughout your life. Contriute to your employer's 401k plan and learn to say "no" without guilt.

- John Kelly, Class of '73

The old adage, "think before you speak." This is integral, not just in everyday life, but the work place as well. You don't know who's listening and you don't know who they know. This also applies to what you post on the internet (Facebook). When a potential employer searches your name and sees your weekend keger, you may be kissing your dream job goodbye!

- Kristie Martorano, Class of '03

Think out of the box and not in traditional subject matter disciplines. We need new ideas and cross disciplinary work in the real world and the use of creative ideas. Be bold and assertive. When I was at ASU there was only one woman in the School of Architecture and I think I was the only woman (part-time) on the faculty to teach research. Break boundaries and think beyond Tempe and Phoenix. Get out in the world and communicate globally.

- Anne Taylor, Class of '72

Seek out information about the company interviewing you. Review company values and culture, as well last year's performance. Try to align your profile with the company's profile. Have a comprehensive knowledge of everything in your resume because most interviews end up being a "resume defense." Be proud about whatever you have accomplished so far and for being a Sun Devil!

- Tariq Shaikh, Class of '08

Use a well-written one page resume, be aggressive in getting it to hiring managers, and dress well for the interview. Research the firm in advance of the interview!

- Robert Rauch, Class of '86

Dress professionally. Have a fresh haircut or hairstyle. Research the company. Always send a hand written thank you note, not just an email. You want to stand out in the crowd. No chewing gum. Don't appear in too trendy clothing.

- Karla Desrosiers, Class of '81 & '84

Stay focused and be flexible. The first offer may not seem like it is a fit, but you should give it a try. Gaining experience is invaluable.

- Robert Gruman, Class of '89

Prior work experience or internship is helpful. Be aggressive and show more interest in the company your interviewing with than yourself. It's more about what can you do for the company than what the company can do for you.

- Donald Coles, Class of '73

I would seek out ASU grads currently in the business community and ask them for help with interviewing skills. As a person who has worked for two different Fortune 500 companies and has hired many people, I've helped recently graduated students by putting them through mock interviews. I was tough, stuck to role play, and didn't stop until the mock interview was over. I would then help with constructive criticism and go over the situation step-by-step with them. All too often we do not help people with the interview process. The real world is tough and recent grads need to be prepared.

- Tim Rafael, Class of '72

If you find a company that you want to work for, be prepared to go where ever you need to get that job. When you are hired by a company that you think you can make a difference at, look for the most difficult position in your section and go after it, the results in those positions are followed by everyone. Very high visibility and instead of only being known by your peers you will be known by management, which is good for your career.

- Earl Hailey, Class of '74

Being able to adapt to changing needs in the field that you are working in is a critical skill. I have worked in Rural AZ, Phoenix Metro, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the skills developed at ASU were important as they enabled me to "think on my feet" and adapt to U.S. domestic and international requirements.

- Dennis Pettid, Class of '61 & '64

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