Homecoming Memories

Christel McDowell (Homecoming Queen '05) '05, '08
Lantern Walk is my favorite tradition, though it was hard to choose just one event, for several reasons. For me, it is the official start to the Homecoming festivities. It's the first place that I have the chance to greet and hug old friends and is such a wonderful way to kick-off an amazing weekend. The energy and excitement builds as the crowd "hikes" up A Mountain, continues to grow as we chant A-S-U, and finally ignites as the fireworks illuminate the sky and our glorious 'A' for all of Tempe to see. I'm so proud to be a Sun Devil!

Dave Glanzrock '05
My favorite homecoming memory was from the 2004 Homecoming against Stanford!!! I got to be on the Homecoming Court and we had family and friends come in from all over the country. The game ended up being a nail bitter!!! I was on the field when Andrew Walter tied, then broke John Elway's Pac-10 record with seconds left to go in the first half, giving ASU the LEAD going into halftime. I knew some of the players on the offensive line so I got to join in their celebration on the field!!!

Milissa Koehler '99, '05
Being married to a die-hard ASU alum, my Homecomings have been planned out for me for the past 8 years. I have had the pleasure of participating as an attendee as well as actually working the event. But, perhaps my favorite Homecoming was in 2007 when our CLAS Chapter had the hottest party on the block with a long line of people waiting to visit our booth! We even hosted a Lantern Walk party at Macayo's the night before. We had a horse-drawn parade entry that year that had been donated by a generous alumna. The sense of community we felt with our fellow alumni and the college were incredible. I had the priviledge of working with so many astounding and loyal individuals that year. It is a moment that recalls such a sense of excitement and opportunity that it continues to inspire me today.

Nicole Schuneman '05
My favorite homecoming event is the Lantern Walk. What a cool way to bring Alumni and Students together to celebrate ASU. One of my favorite memories is when I volunteered to help with the homecoming parade events in 2003. I spent the entire night before setting up for the parade, moving decorations from campus to the parade route, sleeping on the floor in Old Main, eating pizza with other students on the grass in front of old main at midnight and truly bonding with all of the other volunteers in order to make that year’s parade amazing. That was my first experience volunteering with an organization on campus and I loved every minute of it. I went on to help with other groups on campus like "Books for Bears" and Kappa Delta Pi working with other students towards one common goal is such an amazing experience and what makes it even more special is that it was for ASU!

Cindi Duran Ewert '83
Each year’s traditional homecoming activities had their own little flair that made it stand out and even better than the year before! Being a part of the Sun Devil Cheerleading Team for three years allowed many, many wonderful memories with this performing group. Get togethers with the alumni, pregame, visiting tailgate parties, Tempe became one big ASU activity on that Saturday! I loved having our Sun Devil Cheerleading team in the parade, always sunny, great crowd, music, adrenalin pumping that did not end until the last of the post game activities!

The year after I graduated something special happened at the parade, my first teaching job was with a newer Jr. High in the area, part of my job was coaching Cheerleading and Dance Team that first year. Our school colors were the same as Arizona State maroon and gold, and this group of young girls were above and beyond talented, could make any coach look good! After speaking with ASU and coaches, cheer advisor, we were able to include these darling Jr. High performers right alongside our ASU Cheerleaders, what a memory this was for these girls and their families! This was also one of my favorite memories, watching them experience Arizona State close up! Looking back, I wonder what impact that day had on them, did it get them excited about college, did it give them a memorable experience outside of normal family weekends, did they become Arizona State fans, did any attend the college. If there were a way to do my Master's at ASU from here in Salem, Oregon, I would do it! Thanks for the memories!

Kevin O'Connor '81
Our favorite tradition has always been lunch at the Chuckbox and pre-game beverages at the Bandersnatch.

Martha Campbell '80
For Homecoming 1948 South Hall girls made a float to show the comparison between a peaceful life and life if the Russians detonated an atomic bomb. I was one of the people in ragged clothes, covered with dirt and the victim of the bomb blast. The parade was from Tempe to downtown Phoenix. Hot! Remember this was the era when we were afraid of the Communists and Russia in particular.

Nancy Martin Rikel '69
I was in the ASU Marching Band. My first year, Homecoming was at ASU. The U of A painted the A green, not unique I feel sure. Then, some men dressed as workman picked up Coach Kush's desk to be painted and actually left with it. That was my introduction to Homecoming. I still remember the ASU words to the U of A fight and School Song which the band memorized for that game...Fall down Arizona, Fall down black and blue...

Tom Shaffer '59, '63
At the 1954 Homecoming, I drove the Westminster Fellowship Float. We were not too smart in building the float as I actually could not see the street in front of the float while trying to steer from inside the float. I had to be guided by directions shouted loudly from friends walking alongside. But, we did win second place in the "Halls & Organizations" category. Matthews Hall beat us out for first place. The parade zig-zagged through both Tempe and Phoenix. The news reported that 3,000 alumni attended Homecoming that year.

Louis G. Rappaport '40
The homecoming year 1990 was the reunion year for the football team of 1939 and Sun Bowl of 1940. The members (those still alive) were in a bus during the parade. It was a great time, as always, for those from ASU.