Graduation Memories

We asked Sun Devils to flashback to their ASU graduation and share their favorite college graduation memory with us. We love the ASU spirit in these memories!

Grand Prize Winner: Kimberly Newsome Gosell

I was the first child and grandchild in my family to graduate college. My 70 year old Grandmother, who had never been on an airplane in her life, flew to Arizonna from Chicago for the ocassion. Due to plane complications she was diverted to Flagstaff. She wouldn't get back on the plane... I had to drive to get her. She didn't stop smiling before, during or after Commencement. We couldn't get her back on the plane, or a bus, so we had to drive her back. Her attendance made my Commencement memorable!!!

2nd Prize: Eric Kobet

My earliest memory of ASU goes back to a grammar school day trip I was a part  of in my early years. My memory was of students sitting on the ground near palm walk under shady trees studying for classes. This scene was odd to me at the time and I did not see myself ever going to this school. The school seemed too large and sophisticated for me at the time. As a young west Phoenix grammar school student, ASU seemed so different and foreign to me.

Years later, my younger brother Kirk graduated from ASU with a degree in accounting. His graduation inspired me to become a Sun Devil and do the same. I felt that if my little brother could do it, I knew I could. So, I transferred my credits from the community college and continued to press on with my education at the university. My brother showed me around ASU, but you really do not understand this school until you start taking classes. It was not a easy journey. I worked part-time for a attorney in Phoenix while attending ASU. My co-workers thought my drive to Tempe was too far to go to school, but to me the main Tempe campus seemed exciting and so much more fun.

My old beat-up Datson somehow got me to class every day and I finally graduated in 2002 with a degree from the College of Public Programs. My whole family was there on graduation day with flowers and cards. A week after graduation my old car broke down, but I did not care because I was now a Sun Devil with a degree behind me.

3rd Prize: Lisa Costello

My graduation flashback was more than just a personal achievement, it was the catalyst I needed to place myself on a different path. I persevered and slowly chipped away at my coursework. It took me ten years to graduate, but I did so in December of 1984. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in myself that I had never known/felt before. I wore the initials of my two children on the top of my cap and was proud to have them there to see me receive my degree. I am currently working on a second masters degree. Knowledge is indeed power, the power to overcome great obstacles and find strength inside of yourself. It gives you wings and allows you to fly places you never thought possible.

Honorable Mention: Vicky Newsham

I had just given birth to my daughter graduating tomorrow three weeks before my graduation. Now here she is, third generation Sun Devil, graduating Summa Cum Laude! WTG Courtney and the class of 2010! Congratulations!

More Great Memories!

The after parties for 2 & 1/2 days straight!!!!!
- Scott Boren

I don't know, I enjoyed all of my ceremonies really. The one that I really enjoyed was the "Hispanic Convocation". I've been going to Arizona State for two years, prior to that I went to a junior college. What really stood out to me at the Hispanic Convocation was all the really beautiful Latin girls that were all together in one place at one time. The whole time I was at ASU I was thinking "where are all the pretty Latin females?" They finally appear on graduation day :-[.....
- Chris Duran

Drinking an entire bottle of champagne, then wishing I hadn't! LOL... Oh yeah, and realizing just how MUCH I really didn't know. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2010!!!
- Melissa Hyman Guezmir

A. Evan Mecham (Arizona Governor) getting booed before polite applause. (UAC; May, 1987)
B. My grandmother, her two sisters and brother being there - all sharing the time together, including a fantastic dinner together with them (they hadn't been all together for many, many years), along with my parents, and two best friends that joined us. My grandmother and her siblings, my great aunts and uncle, are no longer with us - but that day has always remained with me. Great memories. :-)
- Doug Means

My favorite memory: doing three ceremonies (school-wide in UAC, Engineering in Gammage, and Army Commissioning) in one day, all with my future wife.
- Stuart Preston

Also looking like a huge plum!!! I was 32 years old and 8 months pregnant with my firstborn! Which by the way she just completed her first year at UA GO DEVILS!!!!! (Makes for some fun in house rivalry) She is in my profile pic with me.
- Maureen Rossie Myles

Does everyone have amazing family stories...I don't, but for sure take pride in my education... I enjoyed all of it, including my amazing Professors and my Thesis Advisor... That's good enough for me :)
- Deborah Spicer

Looking like a huge plum in my robe.
- Amy Steeby

My family from Navajo Nation came down to bear the heat and join the graduation festivities with my late grandma Marie. I did 2 ceremonies that day...that was back in 1998 when only a handful of Native Americans graduated....where are you Leah my bighorn sheep study pal!!!
- Rita Whitehorse-Larsen