Wise Words: Sun Devils advise new grads on career success

Think about the day you graduated from college. There was an unusual outfit to wear (with that crazy hat!), a ceremony to attend, and, in the end, a piece of paper that verified you had become an alumna or alumnus of Arizona State University.

For most Sun Devil graduates, the question of “what are you going to do now?” is never far from their minds on Commencement Day, and many of them are actively seeking their first professional job, if they haven’t been lucky enough to land that first position already.

The ASU Alumni Association asked its Facebook fans for their best career advice for new grads, and this is a selected portion of the responses.

Sun Devil alumni advice for the Class of 2017

Alicia Vasquez Take risks. Go outside your comfort zone. Stop living in the same box, trust me, i know the feeling. Being scared won't get you anywhere. Trust yourself, know that you can, and you'll succeed. #2014Grad

Marcos Gold Learn to network. Meet people within and outside your fields of interest. You will never know what or who that person knows which could open up new avenues you never thought possible before

Raymond Ferreira Get a good job, work with a GOOD mentor. Learn "the ropes", it's not all textbook knowledge. Good Luck !!

Kyle Sekenski Think outside the box when looking for that first job. Don't be afraid to try something unexpected... It will pay off!

Ray Byke Don't be afraid to take chances, you're young!

Sam Brunwasser Don't give up if things don't take off. Keep sending out your resume, keep applying to things, keep an open mind - lots of us get turned down and rejected at first but don't let it discourage you from being where you wanna be.

John Crawford Don't be in fear of taking a risk. Maybe a startup, maybe a new concept. Whatever you do, remember it is important to grind.

Kim Franzoy Becker Realize you are low on the totem pole!! You must work hard for what you want! The rewards will come only with hard work! Good luck!!

Lauren E Mislove You don't know as much as you think you know. More than anything, this degree prepared you with the tools to be a better learner. 

Ricardo Richthofen Salazar Dress professional!!! No more hats and leggings, those days are over :)

Bran Belone Never think you're done; there's always more room for success...grad 2016

For more life and career advice for new grads from our “seasoned” Sun Devil alumni, visit https://alumni.asu.edu/AlumniAdvice.

~Liz Massey, Managing Editor, ASU Alumni Association