Meghan Remington ’09 B.S.

Which groups or activities were you most involved in at ASU? What did you gain from that involvement?

I definitely had a lot of fun doing a lot of different things. I dabbled in choir, helped protect the A with the Student Alumni Association, volunteered with ASU's Relay for Life in Tempe for the American Cancer Society, and most importantly, I was a proud member of the Sun Devil Marching Band for four years.

I learned so much and met so many amazing people in all of my various organizations, but participating with the marching band far and away yielded me the best life experiences and friendships. I was raised a hardcore Sun Devil, and thanks to the band I was at every single home football game through victory and defeat (but mostly victory!).


How did your education at ASU prepare you for your current profession?

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I was given at ASU. My degree program was a bachelor’s degree in recreation and tourism management with a focus on event planning. ASU not only had the right program for me, but had faculty who could offer an incredible knowledge base and strong connections to industry leaders across the Valley of the Sun.

We got to hear from the CEOs of a major event planning company, collaborated with city planners, and received class credit for volunteering at public events. I performed an internship with ASU's Office of Special Events where I was able to build a great foundation of knowledge and communicate with a lot of university leadership.


How did ASU help you achieve your dream?

ASU truly is the reason why my professional career is where it is. I worked as a student worker for the ASU Foundation For A New American University, and a few short years later found an event planning position opening that I applied for and had the great fortune of accepting.

I have been working for state universities (first ASU and now Northern Arizona University) for eight years. I cannot picture myself anywhere else. Working for ASU was a dream come true for me, and it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't worked there as a student first.


Tell us about your involvement with the ASU Alumni Association’s Flagstaff alumni club.

When my husband and I moved to Flagstaff, I remember asking the Alumni Association how I could get in touch with the representatives of the group up there. The reply I received was "We actually don't have a club up there... would you like to start one?" and of course I enthusiastically dove right in.

Building an ASU community in Flagstaff has been a challenge. Community doesn't happen overnight. I know we have alumni and fans in the area – I see license plates and bumper stickers and shirts all the time, and it's all I can do not to squeal and bound over to introduce myself. No matter what, I will continue to proudly represent ASU wherever I go.


What advice would you give today’s college students?

Have fun! Go to sporting events. Be good to yourself. Pick one thing that sounds cool and get involved. Now is your time to be fearless and gutsy. Ask questions. And of course, be sure you fill your closet with as many free gold t-shirts as you can – nothing says "I'm A Sun Devil" like doing laundry and having a gold pile.

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