Raul Monreal III '95 B.S.E.

Which groups or activities were you most involved in at ASU? What did you gain from that involvement?
At ASU, I was a member, officer and eventually the president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers student chapter. I was also a founding member of an ASU intramural sports team named “9 Beans & A Burrito,” (www.9beans.org) which eventually became a nonprofit organization. And I was a Los Diablos scholar, too.
By keeping involved with students that were experiencing the same university life that I was, I considered them my extended family.  We shared the fun, the stress, the study, and … in the end … the degree … together.
How did your education at ASU prepare you for your current job or business?
ASU provided the best education I could possibly ask for.  The professors of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering were in tune with the expectations of the corporate world.  My ASU academic training, in combination with an internship at Motorola, enabled me to enter the workforce with experiences highly sought after by high-technology companies. Prior to my graduation, I had offers from Motorola, Hewlett-Packard Co., Intel Corp. and NASA.   

I’m currently working at General Dynamics Corp. (formerly Motorola), I collaborate with top graduates from all over the country and have concluded that my ASU education prepares me to participate competitively with the “best”!
How did ASU help you achieve your dream?

My dream is ever-evolving.  I’ve achieved many career goals – from mastery of highly technical assignments to successfully managing multi-million dollar Department of Defense programs.  I’ve had the opportunity to provide state of the art technology to our warfighters to ensure the success in their mission and see them return home safely.  There are few careers that offer an opportunity to help others help themselves when it ultimately comes down to saving American lives and defending our country. Aside from my career, I would venture to say that my “dream” is to be a good husband and father … and proud Sun Devil example to my kids!
Which ASU professor(s) made a lasting impression on you and why?
As a computer science major, Professor James Collofelo, now with the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, was most influential. He was a visionary, and kept (his skills) relevant with major software engineering firms as a consultant. His consulting experiences were then interpreted into academic lessons then applied to real-world examples. This allowed me to be of the right mindset in advance of my graduation.
Tell us about your involvement in the Los Diablos alumni chapter.   
I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Los Diablos chapter of the ASU Alumni Association throughout my college career. Los Diablos has a proven track record of raising funds for full-tuition scholarships awarded to deserving students that show promise in academic and community service activities.  
Shortly after graduation, I was able to give back as an alum by volunteering my time on the chapter’s board as the vice president. I happy to be able to do my part in sustaining the values of the founding members as a mentor, coach and advocate!
What are three “can’t-miss” ASU experiences every Sun Devil should participate in?
1. No one should miss the yearly Territorial Cup rivalry football game. Buy your student season tickets and wear gold!
2. Hike up “A” Mountain in your shorts during the winter months and soak it all in … the campus, the city, the weather … enjoy it!
3. Get involved with a student club or group on campus. There are many to choose from and you’ll find a support structure and lifelong friendships as a result.