Marcy Steinke '94 M.S.H.A.

Editor's Note: Marcy Steinke is profiled in the September issue of ASU Magazine.

What personal qualities do you think were most strongly developed in you during your years as a Sun Devil?
Perseverance — both the Air Force pilot training I participated in and my master’s degree program at ASU demanded learning a significant amount of new content without much background in the area. Also, I learned about open-minded leadership: listening to all sides of an issue, then making a decision.

How did your education at ASU prepare you for your career?
It’s likely I haven’t applied my grad degree as directly as most, given I followed it with an Air Force flying career. It did, however, provide a strong basis for policy discussion and evaluation, which was certainly applicable in my positions dealing with Congress and the White House.

What current development at ASU do you find most exciting? Why?
The emphases on sustainability and defense initiatives both get me jazzed. Obviously I have a place in my heart for national security issues, and I believe both research areas fall into this arena.

Why have you chosen to be a member of the Alumni Association?
One of the joys of life is personal interactions, new and old. Celebrating the ASU bond is a good way to build those interactions.

What advice would you give to today’s ASU students?
Live with integrity.  Contribute to the greater good. Celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

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