Amanda Borden-Cochran '03 B.A.E.

Amanda Borden-Cochran, who won a gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with the United States gymnastics team, was featured in the September 2012 issue of ASU Magazine, in an article about Sun Devil Olympians.

Which groups or activities were you most involved in at ASU? What did you gain from that involvement?

I was a pretty busy college student – I was still traveling and competing professionally, along with all of my television commentary work – so I didn't have a lot of time outside of my gymnastics and my academics. I was very involved with the ASU gymnastics team, participating in their workouts and acting as a team manager. I traveled to competitions with them and had a lot of opportunities to meet great people at ASU.

How did your education at ASU prepared you for your current job or business?

I had some phenomenal classes at ASU! I was an education major and gained a lot of hands-on experience through the program, which helps me on a daily basis in owning my gymnastics school, Gold Medal Gymnastics, and working with children. I always have enjoyed hands-on experience, but I do feel that the experiences I received with ASU were a major factor in helping me choose my career/business.

What personal qualities do you think were most strongly developed in you during your years as a Sun Devil?

I think I really developed a good sense of how to be a team player and work with others. As a gymnast, I was always a part of a team, but I felt that I truly learned at ASU how to work with groups of people towards a common goal. I have always enjoyed learning from others' strengths, and I got to work with so many different people, including my professors, that I felt that it really developed me into a person who understands how to work with others to better ourselves, each other, and the goal towards which we are working together!

Which ASU professor(s) made a lasting impression on you and why?

I really enjoyed many of my professors. The qualities I enjoyed most in any of my professors, were when they taught a class not so much as an information-giving, memorizing, testing-type atmosphere, but rather when they taught with a passion for teaching and making us want to learn more and get better at what we do.

Why have you chosen to be a member of the Alumni Association?

I enjoy supporting ASU, and believe in all of the great things the university is doing for the students and our community!

What advice would you give to today's ASU students?

Use your time at ASU to set yourself up for a great future. There are so many great opportunities to prepare you for success!

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