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Recommended Reading: The Hustle Economy

We’re told all the time that our society is moving more and more to what is called the gig economy . It’s estimated that 40 percent of America’s workforce could be freelance by 2020. So whether we have always dreamed of making a living off of our creativity, or we...Read more

Career Links: October 2016

Photo courtesy David Spender via Flickr. What does the future hold? Wouldn’t we all like to know the question! Right now, anxious voters are pinging the site or their favorite polling site to see how the election might turn out, while others want to know which team is most...Read more

Make the ASU Alumni Association your career collaboration partner with these events!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. One of the lessons that may come as the biggest surprise to straight-A students when they graduate is that in the world of work, the role of individual achievement shifts dramatically. Certainly, potential employers want to know you’re creative, industrious and competent in your field. But...Read more

Seeing Is Believing: Visualize Your Way To Job Interview Success

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. A lot of success in the workplace is determined by what you do. That’s why career coaches (and life coaches, who often guide people on career issues) are forever encouraging their clients to “execute, execute, execute!” But guess what? It turns out that one crucial part...Read more

Career links: September 2016

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. Staying flexible in your career provides some of the same benefits as staying physically flexible as one moves through adulthood: the ability to adapt to sudden changes, reducing stress when we have to make a might effort, and improves our performance in everything we do. The...Read more