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Learn to love what you do at this month’s Alumni Career Services events!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. Love is in the air this month, with Valentine’s Day coming up. But, while most of us can see the value in building loving relationships with a significant other, friends, family and others in our daily lives, the question remains … is it necessary to love...Read more

Telling your career story more successfully: John Singer on how to share your “resume DNA”

John Singer, career coach and president/owner of Professional Development Strategies. Have you ever felt frustrated in your quest to tell the story of your career? Have you ever dived into a job application with great confidence in your abilities and experience, only to sag and feel like a mass-produced employee...Read more

Career Links: January 2017

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. For many, the start of a new year marks a fresh start for personal and professional goals. It can also represent an opportune time for the “shedding” of old habits, relationships or just things you’d like to forget. The idea of a “fresh slate” is a...Read more

The secret’s in the sauce: Scott Swedberg on the fastest way to land your dream job

Scott Swedberg, founder and CEO, The Job Sauce. As this career blog so frequently documents, landing a job you really love is HARD WORK, and it’s rare to happen upon a source of instruction on job-searching that is both easy to understand and has a track record of effective results...Read more

Career Craft 101: Setting Professional Goals

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. Today we’ll launch a series of posts covering advice on the basics of professional development - from deciding “what you want to be when you grow up” to finding and scoring your dream job to keeping your daily work environment pleasant and productive. We’ll start with...Read more