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Finding your way on your career path: Nicole Rogers on “Designing a Purposeful Career”

Ama La Vida CEO Nicole Rogers. Sometimes, that period between Commencement and settling into our first professional-level job can be exciting. All the years of studying are transformed into a position that (hopefully) puts those skills we learned into action! But for a number of Sun Devil alumni, that first...Read more

Career Links: April 2017

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. What is success? It’s a funny word - one whose definition varies, both from personal and company perspectives. It can also be a frustrating goal, as there’s not one sure-fire way to achieve it. However, there are some ways you can lead yourself to being successful...Read more

Take time to focus with Alumni Career Services events in April!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. How many times have you picked up your smartphone at the office in the last hour? Don’t feel bad: smartphones top the list of workplace distractions , but they also tempt us at home, when we’re out on the town, and just about everywhere else we...Read more

Career Links: March 2017

Image courtesy of Pixabay. Today, I learned how to send a fax by using my smartphone's texting function. Isn’t technology great? Well, yes it is … when it makes our lives easier and more comfortable. (When was the last time you got up to manually change the channel on your...Read more

Next week, learn what it takes to start a startup!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. One of the classic “American Dream” scenarios involves building the proverbial better mousetrap and starting a company to sell it to those in need of one. But most of us come from families where working for an employer, not ourselves, was the norm; contemplating entrepreneurship can...Read more