Want to start a startup? ASU can help you with that.


ASU Skysong is home to a number of Sun Devil startup support activities.

Sometimes, business success can seem as far away as a dream. Though countless businesses were started in a college dorm room, or a garage, it can seem hard to believe that could happen in our dorm room, or our garage. There are so many barriers to entrepreneurial success … even if we have a killer idea, how can we raise the funding for it, find co-founders and staff to execute it, or pay for the advertising to market it?


Josh and Mallory Dyer.

That’s a situation that alumni couple Mallory and Josh Dyer (classes of 2007 and 2005, respectively) were wondering a couple of years ago. Mallory, a math professor, noticed that her lower-income students were struggling in and dropping her classes because they couldn’t afford to buy the scientific calculator required for the courses she taught. Josh, who majored in finance, encouraged Mallory to develop a solution that remedied the situation, since there was nothing in the marketplace to help students in this situation.

Luckily, the Dyers were able to become involved in Venture Devils, an ASU program that assists Sun Devil students, alumni and community members who are launching business startups, by providing ongoing support from Venture Mentors and other entrepreneurial experts. Their journey is chronicled in the latest episode of The Alumni Experience podcast, which focuses on how ASU is nurturing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In this episode, you’ll meet the Dyers and learn about their journey to make their company, GraphLock, profitable and well known. You’ll also meet several ASU faculty members who are involved in the Venture Devils and other ASU entrepreneurship initiatives, as well as Steve Balthazor, a 1991 graduate and a co-founder of Socious, an alumni-owned software company founded in 2002. Balthazor's company recently experienced the other end of the startup journey, when they were acquired in January 2017 by Higher Logic.

Sun Devil alumus Steve Balthazor, who co-founded the software startup Socious in 2002.

If you’ve ever wondered if you had the “right stuff” to become an entrepreneur, or if you’re just curious about how to get started, this episode will fire up your innovative dreams.

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud.