Virtual Networking 101: Career Power at Your Fingertips!


Let’s face it, not everyone is a “people person.” If you’re not, traditional networking can be exhausting: you arrive at a networking mixer fashionably late, receive your nametag, then you address your attention to the sea of people in the room.

Thoughts then flood your mind, such as where do you start? How do you introduce yourself? Do you have your elevator speech down? You try to calm your mind and find the courage to join a small group. You then find yourself juggling your portfolio, which you weren’t even sure whether to bring or not in the first place. On top of all that, you feel your cheeks turning red with embarrassment as you introduce yourself and stick out your hand … which is now not only cold and clammy, hand, but also dripping in water that’s condensed on it from holding your drink.

Yuck! Geez! Well, it’s not always that bad, and if meeting new people energizes you – great! ASU Alumni Career Services’ next Maroon & Gold Professionals Mixer is Sept. 21, at the Four Peaks – Tasting Room on Wilson in Tempe.  If not, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Career Services is rolling out a series of virtual mixers via the Brazen platform in September that will allow you to make career connections at home – right from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, even your smartphone!

Online, there’s no need to worry about your clammy mitts when you shake hands, or even to think about what to wear, because virtual networking events are all chat-based.


Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll sign up for an event from the ASU Alumni Career Services webpage. If this is your first virtual event, you’ll be asked to create an account with Brazen using an email or your LinkedIn Profile. Once you’re confirmed for the event, you’ll receive a link in an email that is your key to entering the event.
  2. On the day of the event, you’ll follow the link provided in the previous registration email and be directed to a brief instructional slideshow that tips for how to participate and get the most out of this virtual experience.
  3. After you finish the instructional slideshow, you’ll enter a “virtual lobby” with a number of booths available. Each booth represents a specific topic and is staffed by a representative to guide the discussions. You select a booth to enter and click the green “chat” button so you’re recognized as ready to chat.
  4. Once you’re inside a chat room, when your connection/representative becomes available, you’ll hear a “ding” and the automated one-on-one chat process will begin. There is information on the right side of the screen about your contact. You’ll have a limited amount of time to chat, so use your time efficiently!
  5. When the chat has been completed, you can rate your conversation, take notes, review the conversation and move onto your next chat.


Over the past few months, Career Services has hosted online networking events on a variety of topics, including working and living internationally, an “ask the career coach” virtual session, and a highly successful online job fair! Coming up this fall, we’ll have Brazen virtual events that focus on working in the sports industry, tips for new alums just starting their career, and how to become an entrepreneur. Additionally, we’ll have a monthly “ask a career coach” session, so you can pick up valuable career development tips without leaving your couch!

Your network of connections – the proverbial “who you know” – has always been important in the job hunt, never more so than now in our always-on digital work world! Join us for an upcoming virtual networking session and shed your anxieties about career management – it’s your time to shine!


For more on how to use the Brazen virtual networking platform:

A brief video on how to use the platform

A brief video on how the Brazen platform virtual events can benefit you!


~ Katherine Perez ’12 B.S., ’15 M.Ed., program coordinator for ASU Alumni Career Services.