Career Links Roundup

Greetings! I'm Liz Massey, and I'm managing editor of ASU Magazine at the ASU Alumni Association. I've been blogging for several years about career issues on other sites, and now I've moved my online "shop" to the Alumni Association's blog!

To kick things off, I've compiled links to several blog posts I've found interesting over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

The 10 Worst Career Implosions of 2010 | The Daily Beast
Times are hard on the job front, but sometimes self-destructive behavior makes it worse -- much worse. This slideshow discusses the downfalls of actor Mel Gibson,  Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and others. Read and learn from their mistakes!

I hate to bug you, but ... six networking no-no's |
This brief article shares tips from HR professionals and hiring managers who are frequently hit up by networkers, on social media as well as face to face. My favorite tips are "Don't Be An Amateur" (clean up your grammar when approaching prospective employers) and "The Fake Information Interview" (i.e., don't pull a bait-and-switch and ask the person you're interviewing for information for a job).

5 Common-Sense Rules for Online Meetings
GigaOm and its sister site, Web Worker Daily, cover the world of virtual workplaces, so they speak with authority when it comes to getting things done digitally. This article has really practical tips for anyone who has to conduct business with people who are not physically in the same place as you. One of the best, and probably least followed, tips is "Don't start with a brand-new tool."

As post author Thursday Bram puts it:

"If you haven’t used the software you’re planning to run your next meeting with, do a dry run with it before the day of the meeting. Every tool has its own quirks and the middle of a meeting isn’t the best time to figure them out. If you can run a test with a few of the people who will be attending your meeting, so much the better."

They Aren't Better Than You | Alexandra Levit's Water Cooler Wisdom
A short, inspirational post about not letting vocational envy get the best of you. Levit, who is a nationally recognized business and workplace author and speaker, references the Mompetition viral video series and uses it as a metaphor for how we sometimes try to out-do each other when comparing work perks.

Monday's Tip: How's Everybody Doing? | Chief Happiness Officer
Alexander Kjerulf is the author of 3 books on workplace happiness, including Happy Hour is 9 to 5. You might think with credentials like that, his Monday tips might be a little on the rah-rah side. But this one definitely isn't.

The point of the tip is to observe one's co-workers on a Monday and decide, based upon their actions whether they are happy, unhappy or neutral. That's it! The point is not to "fix" them but to increase awareness of one's workplace environment. As Kjerulf writes:

"Many of us go through our work days exclusively focused on the work we do, often not noticing people right next to us who may be either very happy (and thus great company) or very unhappy (and thus in need of our help). Noticing each other in this way is a great way to build better relationships at work and this invariably leads to more happiness at work."