Pennies For Points

Students WIN when Sun Devils Score!

Participate in the Pennies for Points program, where we ask Sun Devil alumni and fans to pledge their pocket change to support your local ASU Alumni Chapter's student scholarship. The program is as simple as it sounds. You can pledge any amount for each point that your Sun Devil Football team scores against its opponents this season, or in any individual game.

Complete your pledge intent below and we'll contact you at the end of the football season for your donation.

2017 Football Schedule
8/31 – New Mexico State
9/9 – San Diego State
9/16 – Texas Tech
9/23 – Oregon
9/30 – Stanford
10/14 – Washington
10/21 – Utah
10/28 – USC
11/4 – Colorado
11/11 – UCLA
11/18 – Oregon State
11/25 – Arizona

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Contact Information
I would like to make a:
You will be contacted at the end of the football season once all the points scored have been totaled. You will be able to make your donation via credit card or check.
Charitable Contributions
All funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation for A New American University, a nonprofit organization that exists to support Arizona State University. Gifts in support of ASU are subject to foundation policies and fees. Your gift may be considered a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions.
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