8:30 am - 3:30 pm

IHR Fellows Symposium, 'Unhealthy Regimes: Interrogating Illness, Wellness and Power'

IHR Fellows Symposium: Unhealthy Regimes: Interrogating Illness, Wellness and Power


What is health and what is disease? What institutions generate or impede health? Who has access to the healthiest environments and what makes those environments healthy? How do communities construct, maintain or discipline health in individual bodies?

At this symposium, ASU faculty fellows join invited guest Anthony Hatch to discuss these question, highlighting the ways in which communities and institutions construct and contest definitions of what constitutes good health, the cultural and political reasons for unequal access to health care, the importance of adopting an intersectional approach to health, and the contribution that humanities research can make to questions and policies surrounding health care.

Keynote address

Please join us on April 12 for the Fellows Symposium Keynote Address with Anthony Hatch, "Overdose: Institutional Addiction in the U.S. Custodial State."

Location and Parking

The symposium will take place in West Hall, room 135. The closest parking lot is the Orange Garage 10th Street Structure.


Like all Institute for Humanities Research events, the Fellows Symposium is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to attend.