Young Alumni Achievement Award – Ryan Delaney ’11 M.S.

Ryan Delaney, a 2011 graduate of ASU’s School of Sustainability, is being honored at Founders’ Day for his work as founder and co-director of Carbon Roots International (CRI), a company that uses sustainability principles to help rural farmers in Haiti develop more efficient agricultural practices.

Delaney collaborated with his co-founders to launch CRI in 2010. The company’s main purpose initially was to develop a viable model for the deployment of a sustainable soil amendment known as biochar in rural Haiti. CRI ultimately expanded its organizational focus to include the production of a renewable fuel known as “green charcoal,” which allows farmers to convert crop waste into a fuel source with which people can cook.

In 2013, Delaney’s company formally launched an innovative, market-based social enterprise model in northern Haiti that addresses deforestation, energy security, rural poverty, and job scarcity.