2020 Richard Herrera, PhD
2019 Ian Gould, PhD
Anne Jones, PhD
2018 Ariel D. Anbar, PhD ASU President’s Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration and School of Molecular Sciences | Distinguished Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability | Director, ASU Center for Education Through eXploration | Co-director,
2017 Sharon J. Hall, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Senior Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
2016 Wendy Hultsman, PhD, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, College of Public service and Community Solutions
2015 Dr. Hallie Eakin, Associate Professor, School of Sustainability
Dr. Chad Johnson, Associate Professor, School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
2014 Dr. Bertha Alvarez Manninen, New College
2013 Professor Melissa Pritchard, Department of English
2012 Karen Bruhn, Honors Faculty Fellow and Lecturer, Barrett, the Honors College
2011 James Eder, Professor of Anthropology
2010 Miles Orchinik, Professor of Life Sciences
2007 Eric Susser, Lecturer, The Barrett Honors College
2006 Maureen Goggin, Associate Professor of English
2005 Joseph Cayer, Ph.D., Professor of Public Affairs
2004 Georganne Scheiner, Professor of Women's Studies
2003 Jay Boyer, Professor of English
2002 Kathleen Ferraro, Professor of Women's Studies
2001 Jane Maienschein, Professor of Philosophy
2000 Stephen Reynolds, Professor of Geology
1999 Elsie G.J. Moore, Professor of Education in Psychology
1998 Kathleen Sands, Professor of English
1997 Leona Aiken, Professor of Psychology
1996 Jonathan Rose, Professor of Law
1995 Mary Logan Rothschild, Director of Women's Studies, Professor of History
1994 Kristin Bervig Valentine, Professor of Communication
1993 Keith A. Shriver, Professor of Accounting
1992 Daniel G. Brooks, Professor of Applied Statistics
1991 David D. Bedworth, Professor of Engineering
1990 Michael A. Berch, Professor of Law
1989 J. Jeffries McWhirter, Professor of Counseling Psychology
1988 Donald Schaumburg, Professor of Art
1987 Murray D. Sirkis, Professor of Engineering
1986 Wilfred A. Ferrell, Professor of English
1985 Karl H. Dannenfeldt, Professor of History
1984 Stephen K. Happel, Professor of Economics
1983 Therald Moeller, Professor of Chemistry
1982 Mary E. Green, Professor of English
1981 Theodore Allen, Jr., Professor of Mechanical Engineering
1980 Kaoru Yamamoto, Professor of Education
1979 Margaret Gisolo, Professor of Dance
1978 Gerald Helmstadter, Professor of Education
1977 J. J. Lamberts, Professor of English
1976 Charles D. Hoyt, Jr., Professor of Engineering
1975 Paul G. Hubbard, Professor of History
1974 Eugene P. Lombardi, Professor of Music
1973 Charles Wexler, Professor of Mathematics
1972 R. Thomas Sanderson, Professor of Chemistry
1971 Nicholas A. Salerno, Professor of English
1970 Richard W. Effland, Professor of Law
1969 Collice Portnoff, Professor of English
1968 Ernest L. Parker, Professor of Humanities
1967 Duane Manning, Professor of Education
1966 Charles M. Woolf, Professor of Zoology
1965 Douglas G. Arner, Professor of Philosophy
1964 A. R. Burton, Professor of Accounting