2020 Devoney Looser, PhD
2019 Natalie Diaz
2018 Nancy Gonzales, PhD, ASU Foundation Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2017 Joshua LaBaer, Executive director, Biodesign Institute at ASU; director, Biodesign Virginia G. Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics; Virginia G. Piper Chair of Personalized Medicine; professor, School of Molecular Sciences; adjunct professor of medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
2016 Charles Arntzen, Regents' Professor, Biodesign Institute Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology; Florence Ely Nelson Presidential Chair, School of Life Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2015 Dr. James Elser, Professor of Life Sciences
2014 Dr. Roy Curtiss III, The Biodesign Institute
2013 Dr. Stephen Pratt, School of Life Sciences
2012 Wayne Frasch, Professor of Life Sciences
2011 Milton Sommerfield, Professor of Life Sciences
2010 Nancy Grimm, Professor of Life Sciences
2009 Patricia Gober, Professor of Geographical Sciences
Charles Perrings, Professor of Life Sciences
2007 Cecilia Menjivar, Associate Professor of Sociology
2006 Laurie Chassin, Professor of Psychology
2005 Peter Iverson, Ph.D., Regents' Professor of History
2004 Karen L. Adams, Professor of English
2003 Brooks D. Simpson, Professor of History
2002 Frank Hoppensteadt, Professor of Mathematics
2001 Robert E. Bjork, Professor of English
2000 Aditi Chattopadhyay, Professor of Engineering
1999 David Kaye, Regents' Professor, College of Law
1998 Philip Christensen, Professor of Geology
1997 H.J.S. Fernando, Professor of Engineering
1996 Jean Brink, Professor of English
1995 Stephen J. Pyne, Professor of American Studies
1994 David W. Foster, Regents' Professor of Spanish
1993 George N. Maracas, Professor of Electrical Engineering
1992 Nancy Felipe Russo, Professor and Director of Women's Studies
1991 O M Brack, Jr., Professor of English
1990 Ray W. Carpenter, Professor and Director, Center for Solid State Science
1989 Stephen W. Brown, Professor of Marketing
1988 John W. McKlveen, Professor of Engineering
1987 Darryl E. Metzger, Professor of Engineering
1986 Susan Wyckoff, Professor of Physics
1985 Ella Mae Branstetter, Professor of Nursing
1984 Richard W. Effland, Professor of Law
1983 Warren Rice, Professor of Engineering
1982 Bonnie J. F. Meyer, Professor of Education
1981 Willard H. Pedrick, Professor of Law
1980 Kenneth L. Donelson, Professor of English
1979 Marcus Whiffen, Professor of Architecture
1978 Martin T. Farris, Professor of Transportation
1977 John M. Cowley, Galvin Professor of Physics
1976 Charles E. Backus, Professor of Engineering
1975 Robert D. Strom, Professor of Education
1974 Edward W. Cleary, Professor of Law
1973 Harold E. Fearon, Professor of Management
1972 George C. Beakley, Jr., Professor of Engineering Sciences
1971 Calvin C. Straub, Professor of Architecture
1970 Carleton B. Moore, Professor of Chemistry & Geology
1969 Leroy Eyring, Professor of Chemistry
1968 Louis M. Myers, Professor of English
1967 A. Alan B. Pritsker, Professor of Industrial Engineering
1966 Willard Abraham, Professor of Education
1965 Peter K. Stein, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
1964 Keith Davis, Professor of Management