Online Community

We are pleased to announce our new Alumni Community!

To log in to the new community for the first time you will need two things:

  1. Your Alumni ID Number
    • Can be found on your alumni membership card, on the back of the ASU Magazine, or on any official mailed communication from the alumni association. If you need help finding your ID number, please call 1-800-258-6687.
  2. Your email that is used to get ASU Alumni Association communications
    • Can call 1-800-258-6687 to get the email

ASU Alumni Association Online Community Instructions

If you have already registered, please log in here.

Email forwarding will continue to be offered. While we transition the ability to create or edit your email information online you will have to contact our office to get it done. Please email, include the email address you want (, along with the email address you want to receive emails at (your current email) and we can get that changed for you.