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We invite you to join us in connecting LGBTA Sun Devils across the country to celebrate our alma mater. Our Chapter is here to connect alumni for business and lifelong relationships and through our combined efforts to help support the success of current LGBTA Sun Devils. Navigate our page to learn more about us, to attend chapter meetings, to register for upcoming events, to pay it forward by supporting our LGBT Scholarship Fund, and to join us as an ASU Alumni Association member.

Membership Matters
Membership drives ASU's excellence. Acknowledge the value of your degree by supporting your alma mater and those who follow in your footsteps. Among the best ways you can give back is through membership in the ASU Alumni Association.

Become Devils' Pride Allied

  • Join our mailing list so we can keep you aware of Devil's Pride meetings, networking opportunities, sporting events, fundraisers, awareness raisers, and fun raisers.
  • Contribute to the Devils' Pride Scholarship Fund and help a hard-working, deserving LGBT student to graduate and succeed.
  • Contribute to the Devils' Pride Financial Aid Fund and help an LGBT student who lacks familial support through a financial crisis.
  • Tell your LGBT ASU alumni friends about Devils' Pride and about our website at

To become a full-fledged member of the ASU Alumni Association:

  • Visit the "join" page of the ASU Alumni Association website at
  • Click the "join online now" link
  • Complete the online form. Make sure that in the "Membership referral made by" field,you enter LGBT Devils' Pride, which will provide our chapter with additional funding.

Add yourself to your mailing list by sending your first and last names, email address, phone number and the year you graduated or last attended ASU to Alumni staff.

Please join our Facebook Group, follow us on Twitter,  and check our website often for news and upcoming events.