Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, Sun Devils. The ASU Alumni Association is your official link to the university and connects more than 448,000 Sun Devils around the world. There is no greater gift than the sense of gratitude and goodwill Sun Devils have for their alma mater. An ASU Alumni Association membership provides enrichment on many levels and demonstrates your impact on and connection to ASU.
The ASU Alumni Association is a giving-based organization with four distinct levels of membership that includes special access and unique privileges for its contributing members. 



My membership is an installment plan. What happens now?

For those members who are on an installment plan for Life membership, as long as you remain current on the payment schedule, you will become a Maroon Member and the original rate will be honored. All paid members as of June 30, 2016, will continue to receive the benefits most closely aligned with their current membership level.


Why did the membership change?

It was time for a change. Since the new model is gift based, your membership will be considered a gift to the university and as such is tax deductible. This inclusive membership program builds ASU connections among students, alumni, and friends of the university to create stronger professional and social networks, and foster a culture of giving.


What are the differences between the three (3) paid membership levels?

The main differences between the three (3) paid levels are as follows:


  • Sparky Members are graduates who contribute an annual gift to receive access, experiences, and professional development opportunities from the ASU Alumni Association. These members receive more access and benefits than those at the free membership level.


  • Maroon Members are graduates who contribute a one-time or a 12-month installment gift to the ASU Alumni Association in order to receive greater access and benefits than those at the Sparky Member level.


  • Gold Members are graduates who contribute a one-time gift to receive the ASU Alumni Association’s top level of unique experiences and access.


What are the benefits?

Benefits for our ASU Alumni Association members differ based on membership level. To view new benefits, click here.


What are the experiences?

Unique experiences for contributing members of the ASU Alumni Association include invitation-only events on campus or in the member’s community that give our alumni the important opportunities to network socially or professionally. This also refers to the connections and memories made through travel opportunities and the discounts that enable our alumni to experience more in life.


I live out of state. What experiences can I take advantage of?

As a graduate who lives out of state, there are still many benefits you can take advantage of! These benefits include ASU Travel & Tours, networking opportunities, access to Sun Devil CareerLink, a connection with our more than 160 chapters and clubs across the globe, and various types of insurance and retail discounts.


Do I still retain my old benefits?

If you paid to be a Life or Gold Devil Life member prior to July 1, 2016, you will keep your old benefits, like the four free days of golf at ASU Karsten Golf Course. If you have joined on or after July 1, 2016, you receive the new benefits and access opportunities. If you upgraded or were already at your current membership level prior to June 30, 2016, you still receive your old benefits and the newly added opportunities.


I work at ASU and am a current member. How does this affect me?

As a faculty or staff member of ASU, the Alumni Association recognizes your important relationship to the university and provides special pricing. ASU faculty and staff members qualify for the $30, $400 and $750 rates at the individual level. There are special rates at the Plus One level as well. Once you leave or retire from ASU, you unfortunately will not be able to take advantage of this rate. You will, however, still receive the same benefits as our contributing members who are in your same membership level.


Where do I send in a payment/donation?

Your payment/donation should be sent to the Arizona State University Alumni Association, P.O. Box 1630, Tempe, AZ 85280. You may view scholarships and funds by clicking here. If you mean to support the Alumni Association by upgrading to a contributing membership level, click here. We thank you for your generous contribution.


Who can be added as a Plus One to my membership?

Any person, whether an ASU alum or not, can be added to your membership. That could be a husband or wife, partner, son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle or any relationship.


Is there a discounted rate?

As always, the ASU Alumni Association recognizes the need to provide a different rate for new ASU graduates. This rate extends to graduates who are within three years of their graduation anniversary date. For instance, if you graduated in 2014, you qualify for this lower rate until 2017. This reduced rate also applies to current ASU faculty and staff members.


Are the membership contributions an annual gift?

At the Sparky level, membership is an annual gift and Sparky members will be reminded to renew their pledge each year. The Maroon and Gold memberships are one-time gifts to the ASU Alumni Association. There is an installment pledge option for the Maroon Member level.


How does this work with my other ASU contributions?

Gifts must be made payable to the ASU Alumni Association at a specific membership level to become a contributing member. Thanks for all gifts to the university – we appreciate your support!