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“Coffee is for closers”
-Matt Jabionka-

from the wise words of mr. justin bieber, "don't you give up. na, na, na."

Never stop learning!

Never allow yourself to stop learning. From here on out, is where the real lessons are. Keep an open mind ...always! Welcome to the ASU Alumni family

"Get involved" isn't a saying you hear only in college, carry it through after you graduate. Get involved in your community, your work, find ways to make your time in the week worth it! Getting involved will help you find new friends, new hobbies, and new things you never thought you would do after college!


Continue connecting with those you established relationships in college: advisors, peers from paraprofessional groups, Greek life, lab patterns etc. These folks will be great resources for future networking whether it be for professional or personal reasons. The people I have met at ASU have been a constant resource of knowledge. Also, stay involved in your Sun Devil community. Join the alumni association and get involved in your local and special interest chapters 

Always Give took a village to get you where you are's time to work hard & continue to reap the benefits of that commitment & make our world a better place.

Don't lose site of who you are, where you came from, and who you wanted to become. #ForksUp


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Take risks. Go outside your comfort zone. Stop living in the same box, trust me, i know the feeling. Being scared won't get you anywhere. Trust yourself, know that you can, and you'll succeed. #2014Grad

-Alicia Vasquez -

Learn to network. Meet people within and outside your fields of interest. You will never know what or who that person knows which could open up new avenues you never thought possible before
-Marcos Gold-

Get a good job, work with a GOOD mentor. Learn "the ropes", it's not all textbook knowledge. Good Luck !!
-Raymond Ferreira -

Think outside the box when looking for that first job. Don't be afraid to try something unexpected... It will pay off!
-Kyle Sekenski-

Don't be afraid to take chances, you're young!
-Ray Byke-

Don't give up if things don't take off. Keep sending out your resume, keep applying to things, keep an open mind - lots of us get turned down and rejected at first but don't let it discourage you from being where you wanna be.
-Sam Brunwasser-

I am not an ASU grad, just a fan. My advice would be to work hard every day. It will be worth it in the future. Also do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.
-Ducky Di -

Learn your history..... Note: "There is nothing new under the sun....." Only that which is rediscovered
-Scott Olson- 

Don't be in fear of taking a risk. Maybe a startup, maybe a new concept. Whatever you do, remember it is important to grind.
-John Crawford-

Realize you are low on the totem pole!! You must work hard for what you want! The rewards will come only with hard work! Good luck!!
-Kim Franzoy Becker-

Advice? Go get a job... Help your parents... Go clean your room.... Maybe hit an AA meeting.
-Eric Udell-

Work your ass off!! Don't expect respect, earn it. Good luck grads, the world is waiting...
-Brian Conway-

Dress professional!!! No more hats and leggings, those days are over :)
-Ricardo Richthofen Salazar-

Never think you're done; there's always more room for success...grad 2016
-Bran Belone-


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Avoid getting multiple credit cards! Congratulations on everyone's achievements 
-Lisa Degele Baker -

Work hard, pay your dues, and find your grit. Show them what you're made of!
-Stacey Pynn-

Remember that you carry oir names on your jersey as well as yours. When you tell people you are an ASU Alum, you represent all of us as well. Represent well.
-George Guynn-

-Eric Udell-

Thank your professors. Thank your family. Go prove to everyone why ASU grads make the best new hires. No one will just give it to you. You have to prove yourself every day and if you can't find someone to hire you...create a new job that you are the expert in. Never quit because it's hard...keep fighting to make our world a better place to live. #ASU1997

Network, network, network!! Take chances and reach for more than you think you're capable of. You've got this!

Read good books, share good words with others. No matter what your major is, take classes in the humanities. You might be surprised by what Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud can teach you in 2017.

Reach out to your fellow Alumni network! @asu_alumni

Congrats everyone! The real tests begin. Prepare for lifelong learning